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Mission District

教会区是贝博体彩app最时髦的街区之一, packed with trend-setting boutiques, restaurants, and more.

A colorful, 大型壁画覆盖了贝博体彩app教会区的妇女大厦的一面.

米逊街是这个社区的主要街道,也是各种餐馆和商店的所在地. 瓦伦西亚街是咖啡馆、酒吧、服装和配饰店的聚集地. 24街是一条生机勃勃的绿树成荫的街道,拥有几家拉丁裔经营的企业,比如 La Palma Mexicatessan, La Victoria Panaderia and La Torta Gorda.

The newest and trendiest corridor is 20th Street. There you'll find expert cocktails at True Laurel, Trick Dog and Lost Resort, inventive Italian food at Penny Roma, fresh-out-of-the-oven bread at Tartine Manufactory贝博体彩app最新的必吃餐厅门口排队, Ernest.

No visit would be complete without a Mission-style burrito. Choose from local favorites like La Taqueria, La Cumbre, and El Farolito. Burritos are just the beginning of Mission eats. Other restaurants you can't miss are Venga Empanadas, known for its stuffed pastries; Lolinda, with its delectable Argentine-style cuts from the grill; and Good Good Culture Club, a standout modern Asian menu and a lush rooftop.

Be sure to visit Mission Dolores, built in 1776. For recent history, check out the Mission’s celebrated outdoor murals 在像Balmy Alley这样的地方,或者在妇女大厦的正面. 多洛雷斯公园是一个受欢迎的绿色空间,提供了一个完美的野餐地点, people-watching and spectacular skyline views.

A couple walking down Balmy Alley in the Mission.

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贝博体彩app最古老和最令人兴奋的社区探索令人难以置信的正宗风味, the Mission District.

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